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The Oregon Center for Sports and Recreation will provide a campus setting for sports management offices, education and instruction, a library of sport, meeting areas, historical preservation of sport (Oregon Sports Hall of Fame & Museum), warehousing and support services.

For the pase 20 years, Oregon Sports Offices in Beaverton has provided leased space to sports non-profit charitable groups who manage their activities at local, regional and state levels. Still included in their office lease fees are the "common areas" consisting of a large meeting area with a capacity of approximately 100, a board room for 12 to 20 and a document services area with a copier, fax and text manual assembly equipment.

The Oregon Sports Hall of Fame and Museum will be the public's destination attraction for the Oregon Center for Sports and Recreation.

The Oregon Sports Hall of Fame and Museum was founded in 1978. In the beginning, the Hall of Fame's purpose was simply to preserve the rich legacy of athletic excellence in the state of Oregon. The purpose today is best described by the Hall of Fame's mission statement:

To recognize and appreciate Oregon's rich athletic history. Our goal is for this legacy to inspire participation in sport and foster awareness of the values and life-long rewares gained from this participiation.

The organization is built on the premise that the lessons of sport have a tremendous impact on society. Sports provide a unique opportunity for self-discovery. This is espexially true for children, who learn about their physical capabilities, confronting both physical and mental challenges everydah in practice. With the proper guidance, they learn that hard work and perserverance bring results.

Sports server society by educating youth regarding the virtures of pursuing excellence within the principles of fair play, team work, friendship, solidarity and a mutual understanding and respect for human dignity.

Oregon Sports Action (OSA), dba Sports Offices of Oregon, signed a 5 year leas of the premises of 4840 SW Western Avenue, Beaverton. The lease has opt out options of 24 and 48 months. The lease expires in September of 2020.

OSA is the lead group responsible for the lease to allow the tenants to stay in their long term location and to provide a cushion of time to seek a permanent home for all of them. Each of the organizations have agreed to actively participate in the description, definition, education and search for the facility that would best provide all the needed space for successful management and development of their organizations and additional sports organizations with common purposes.

The current facility is marginally adequate in regards to office space. The meeting area is minimally adequate for groups not exceeding forty persons. Storage is inadequate and can only fulfill the storage of business records and some event management material. The vast majority of athletic and event equipment are stored in separately rented warehouses and private storage.

How did we get here?

Two legal actions changed all sport for the better in the United States.
Title IX

The first was Title Nine, which brought a flood of new women athletes to all sports. Almost everyone has heard references to Title Nine but most are not familiean with the details and background.
Title IX of 1972 and the Equity of Athletes Disclosure Act of 1994 provided a mandate that sports for women will be supported in an equal manner as men. The measure of equality are determined in the following factors by the Department of education. Unequal aggregate expenditures for memebers of each sex or unequal expenditures for male and female teams if a recipient operates or sponsors separate teams will not constitute noncompliance with this section, but the Assistant Secretary [of Education for Civil Rights] may consider the failure to provide necessary funds for teams for one sex in assessing equality of opportunity for members of each sex.

Next was the Sports Act of 1978

Sports Act of 1978

The second legal action ws the Amateur Sports Act of 1978, which redefined the United Olympic Committee and provided for national governing bodies for each Olympic Sport. The Act provides important legal protection for individual athletes and requires athletic representation at all levels of sports organizations.

We in Oregon remember Steve Prefontain and Oregon coach Bill Bowerman and the public conflict over amateur status and the withholding of recognition for records he set but were deined due to bureaucratic battles of the NCAA and AAU.

After much public discussion the Sports Act of 1978 allowed all sports organizations to establish an independent national governing body with full rights for the athletes and separate from the NCAA and most particularly from the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) which had controlled sport for 90 years. The unleashing of sport soon meant that grassroots sports organizations were blossoming locally and regionally with the assistance from their national governing body.


All across the globe, active participation in sports and physical activity is being encouraged and promoted as part of the healthy lifestyle. Families, communities, municipalities, states and countries are fostering athletic activity as a positive component of a more complete and healthful living on a daily basis. This impetus emanates from the educational institutions, non-profit associations, healthcare interests both large and small.

Just a few generations ago, physical activity was an integral part of daily life. In the name of progress, society has chipped away at it so thoroughly that physical inactivity actually seems normal. The economic costs are unacceptable and the human costs are unforgivable.

Many initiatives are founded on a robust evidence base and science seems to be clear. Debate is over and urgent priority is being given to dramatically increasing the world's commitment to physical activity.

These programs and initiatives are a framework for action. The change-makers: people, companies, institutions and governments with the resources can turn this situation around. Nations can invest in unleashing the human potential of their citizens. The impacts of what has become a widespread inactivity epidemic affect everyone in every nation. To put solutioins into practice at scale, change-makers must align on what needs to be done and how.

Sport is a cultural imperative, not an amenity

Current Tenants:

Oregon Sports Action -503-706-5551
Oregon Amateur Sports Foundation/State Games of Oregon - 503-520-1319, website.
Columbia Empire Volleyball Association - 503-644-7468, website.
Oregon Sports Hall of Fame & Museum - 503-227-7466, website.
Portland Youth Soccer Association - 503-646-6683, website.
Hockey OSHA- 971-219-6367, website.
Jr.Winterhawks - website.
Oregon Referee Committee - 503-956-2691, website.
Westside Timbers - 503-626-2975, website.
Oregon Sports Trust
Adaptive Sports Northwest formerly Oregon Disability Sports - 503-241-0850, website.
Oregon Road Runners - website.
Oregon Skating Council - website.
Tualatin Valley Football - 503-644-3104, website.
Oregon Chapter of US Lacrosse- website.
Sport Services of Oregon Accounting - 503-626-2731
Westside Soccer Club - 503-352-0180, website.

The above groups represent over 35,000 active participants or players and are supervised and managed by 1000 paid staff and volunteers.

For additional information please contact:
Oregon Center for Sports and Recreation


4840 SW Western Ave
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Jack Elder 503-706-5551
Mike Rose - 503-244-1811

Oregon Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

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Portland Youth Soccer Assn.

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